SCVHuman trafficking is the most extensive form of slavery in this 21st century!
Pope Francis, Easter Message 2013

Tra i tanti punti espressi come linee guida vi sono:

19. Introduce a compulsory system of birth registration,incorporating DNA identification in cases of risk or need.

24. Prioritise the eradication of child trafficking, including trafficking for sexual exploitation, and ensure the early identification of children who may be victims. To this end consider innovative means such as the establishment of national DNA databases to identify and prevent child trafficking.

Come più volte sottolineato  dal Rotarian Action Group Against Child Slavery, è fondamentale una “compulsory birth registration” per contrastare il traffico umano e di organi dei minori.

Tra gli estensori e firmatari dello STATEMENT ON TRAFFICKING IN HUMAN BEINGS, Laura DRYJANSKA e Roberto GIUA

Human Trafficking Statement 2013

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